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Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness

Learn about the most vital mind tools backed by neuroscience that will allow you to create & sustain 'mind fitness'.
Paul Pitsaras LL.B B.Int.Bus.
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The most powerful, effective & credible psychological processes and tools that can be used to create and sustain mind fitness, wellbeing and overall performance.
Some of these processes and tools will include critical thinking, emotional & social intelligence, advanced mindfulness practice, box-method breathing, elucidating our subconscious program, Mental CPR and other mind tools..

This course designed by The Open Mind Institute and delivered by its founder Paul Pitsaras, offers some of the most powerful resources and mind tools that can be used to start taking responsibility for the positive evolution of your mind.

It consists of the following sections:

  • Introduction – to your instructor and to the course;

  • Understanding Your Brain – Looking at your subconscious program, the digital age & stress;

  • Creating Mind Fitness – Defining it, finding & mapping life balance, emotional/ social Intelligence and the critical thinking guide;

  • Sustaining Mind Fitness – Mindfulness practice, box method breathing, drafting your grateful list and Mental CPR experience.

  • Summary – Key takeaway advice, 5 Steps to eradicate limiting behaviours/ habits, 21 day challenge and call to action.

The course also consists of 8 videos, a number of downloadable documents and exercises, in addition to the 5 Steps to Overcoming Limitations document. The course concludes by providing a 21 day Call to Action that will see you using the mind tools learned whilst making them a habit to ensure that you’re on track toward sustaining mind fitness!



An introduction to your course and the course creator & facilitator, Paul Pitsaras. Accompanying this video is a downloadable course outline/ checklist.


Your Amazing Brain

At the end of this section you will have a deeper appreciation of the brain, the way it processes information, your subconscious program, your self-identity and how stress and the digital age are intertwined.

The downloadable document summarises the key points and includes a space for you to draft your 'Who Am I?' paragraph.

Understanding Stress

At the end of this section you will have a deeper appreciation of how the digital age and stress are intertwined, in addition to how stress affects our mind and body.

  • The downloadable document includes a brief summary of this section and gets you to write down the life situations that have the potential to cause you the most stress.


Defining Mind Fitness & Finding Balance

After this section you will have a greater understanding of what 'Mind Fitness' is and the areas in your life that you need to balance in order to start creating it.

  • EXERCISE: The downloadable document is the 'Life Balance Exercise' that gets you to identify the areas in your life that you're prioritising and the ones that you perhaps need to give more weight to.

Emotional Intelligence & Critical Thinking

In this section we look at two fundamental psychological processes that can be used to create mind fitness, emotional/ social intelligence and critical thinking.

  • There are two downloadable documents in this section. The first summarises emotional intelligence and offers more resources for you to continue your learning journey. 

    The second, is a guide to critical thinking, that can be used to tackle any problem and overthinking.

Sustaining Mind Fitness


In this section of the course, students will gain a deeper understanding of how the psychological process of mindfulness can be used to gain a long list of benefits it presents to sustaining mind fitness.

  • The downloadable document includes a summary of simple and different ways you can use to start practicing mindfulness daily.

Other Mind Tools

In this final section of Sustaining Mind Fitness, Paul offers a further two simple mind tool exercises that can be used to shift into a positive and empowering perspective in order to sustain a consistent level of mind fitness.

  • EXERCISE: Grateful List & my Mental CPR. The downloadable document summarises the processes involved with these mind tools and invites you to draft your grateful list and mental CPR experience.

Summary & 21 Day Challenge/ Call to Action

Key takeaway & 21 day challenge

After a brief summary of the course, Paul offers his key take-away advice and presents the 21 day challenge & Call to Action!

  • FINAL EXERCISE: 5 Steps to Creating & Sustaining Positive Habits. There are two downloadable documents here, the first is the Habit Hack 5 Steps and the second, is a detailed account of how to use the 5 Steps to Overcoming Limitations including information on the 21 day challenge and Call to Action.

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